The RoboSnail

How the RoboSnail works
The RoboSnail is very user friendly and simple to operate. The product is securely held together by magnetic forces such as your regular magnetic cleaner and placed on the aquarium. 

The user first has an initial preparation of the glass surface and a simple program mode to complete.  After these two tasks are completed the RoboSnail is ready to go. The RoboSnail can sense the aquarium top, left, and right edges to calculate the appropriate cleaning pattern  to match the users aquariums preprogrammed parameters. The edge locations and respective distances are then stored in its internal memory for future cleanings. Once finished, it returns to the home base location for charging where it remains until the next cleaning cycle.

The RoboSnail will activate automatically once a day 24hrs after its last cleaning cycle requiring no input by the operator. Conversely, the user may manually activate the unit if so desired. These functions are made possible due to our advanced custom engineered CPU unit.

Why the RoboSnail works
The RoboSnail is an automated glass cleaner that prevents algae build up on the aquariums surface. This is accomplished by the RoboSnail's unique ability to clean the aquarium's surface once a day without user intervention. The constant preventative cleaning performed by the RoboSnail stops algae from taking hold on the aquarium surface. At first, it is almost invisible. But as it builds up on the aquarium surface over time, it progressively becomes more difficult to remove. Long periods of neglect result in stubborn coralline algae, as found in marine tanks, or a hazy, unsightly build up that can be found in all aquariums. Since more effort is needed to remove it, the result can be a scratching of the aquarium surface and longer, more difficult maintenance sessions.

Benefits of Using the RoboSnail
Time is the greatest benefit of the RoboSnail. The user will gain hours of enjoyment viewing their aquarium instead of cleaning it.

Manual Labor of scrubbing the surface is not nesessary when using the RoboSnail. You simply install and it does all the work.

Reliability is what the RoboSnail provides for the user. The RoboSnail will never miss its cleaning cycle as it is constructed under the highest standards using high quality materials.

The RoboSnail is more cost effective than any alternative aquarium cleaning solution. The RoboSnail is the only automated cleaner in the world and is patent pending. Products of similar price and function are only as effective as the operator's cleaning routine and are time consuming and cumbersome.

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Recent News

6/19/2012 We now have a new website dedicated specifically for the RoboSnail.

6/19/2012 We have now begun the sales and production of the RoboSnail for distributors. Please visit to view our latest product video and for pricing and future availability.

6/19/2012 The RoboSnail has been revised to be more universal so that its cleaning pattern is now able to adapt to cleaning rimless aquariums and in-wall aquariums. The RoboSnail also has increased its battery life plus implemented a new simplified programming mode.

6/19/2012 We will begin taking individual orders and selling direct upon our announcement of a release date later this summer.

RoboSnail Review
RoboSnail one step closer to being released.

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